Tristan Kenneth Tarpley

Pragmatic Noncomformist

Hey there, I'm Tristan. A couple years ago, I became pissed off at the marketing industry and decided to do something about it. I founded a company called Market(r) to replace ad agencies over the next 10 years.

What else? I'm a musician, a dog-parent, and I like to think I'm a pretty good cook.

Name : Tristan Tarpley
Phone : +1 217 691 7441
Email : me@tristantarpley.com
Address : 2700 Post Oak Blvd., 21st floor, Houston, Tx, 77056
Medium : @_TristanKenneth
Instagram : @TristanKenneth
Twitter : @_TristanKenneth

What gets me up in the morning

I play at the intersection of creativity and data science; the harmony and the melody.
Creativity has to be pressing the gas, and data has to steer the car.

      Things that I do for a living.

  • p


    Product development, dynamic pricing, branding, and promotion.

  • c


    Data Science is all about how to ask better questions and get better answers. Remember the whole thing about my insatiable curiosity?

  • d

    Creative and Production

    How do you make a story "stick"?

      Some other passions.

  • f


    I've spent years running music schools, doing audio engineering, and performing as a guitarist and pianist.
    Much of my worldview is shaped by the convergence of melodic and harmonic intervals.

  • b


    Entrepreneurship is the greatest economic stimulus. Startupland is the sandbox that entrepreneurs get to play in.

  • m

    Sex Trafficking Prevention

    On a 10-year mission to build a network of sex trafficking safehouses.

Projects I'm A Part Of

These are the broad projects, and doesn't include client work. That portfolio is under construction.

  • Market(r)

    Replacing Ad Agencies with Data Science

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner

    We live at the intersection of strategic marketing, creativity, and data science. Every client gets a team of creatives, analysts, writers, and coordinators led by a seasoned marketer. Not only that, we use proprietary algorithms to more effectively crunch data, formulate tests, and make recommendations for us after we leave the office.

    When you work with us, you don't get one overpriced executive who is too stretched to be effective. Conversely, you don't get a bloated agency who spends most of their retainer on rent.

    We systemize and digitize the ordinary so that we can humanize the extraordinary.

  • Produc(r)

    Creative + Production


    After building my marketing consulting practice, which turned into Market(r), I reached a gridlock with our creative work. I felt that we were sacrificing creativity for strong marketing operations and technology. To fix this, I brought my lifelong best friend and professional artist, Immanuel Ahiable (immanuelahiable.art) down to Houston from our hometown of Springfield, Illinois to create Produc(r).

    A creative and production house, Produc(r) acts as the creative department for Market(r) as well as leading media operations for companies ranging from $1mm-$30mm in revenue.

    I tend to believe that the story is more important than best practices. We are able to tell stories through various mediums ranging from fine art, murals, digital art, photography, and videography.

Listen to me Speak

I'm always looking for speaking engagements. Let's chat!

Digital Selling Conference - 2019

Digital Marketing Economics

Some thoughts I've written down

Get a glimpse into my head. Be careful. It can get scary in there!



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